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5 Vampire Halloween Crafts

This Halloween season, my decorating theme is vampire dead and breakfast. This is a departure from my usual witch aesthetic. I figure why not switch it up this year. This year has definitely been a departure from the usual, so why not do the same in Halloween decorating!

I do have quit a few fun projects that I've been working on, I thought I'd share the best ones so far this spooky season.

Vampire Teeth Banner

The last year I made Hocus Pocus banner, I loved it but it got moldy. I decided it would be cool to try and make a vampire teeth banner. I actually couldn't find one on pintrest! So I sketched my own idea and then made it out of white card stock, red construction paper and twine. Super easy! It come out looking a bit gap toothed but thats ok, gap teeth run in our family so its fitting.

Floating Candles

This craft is very popular on pintrest. I haven' tried it yet but thought maybe this is the year I give it a go. I just had to save all the paper towel, and tepee tubes. I framed it around the fireplace, I like it!

Spooky Chic Door Wreath

I lost the door wreath I made last year but being the crafter I was excited to make a new wreath. I used dollar store items and it took less then 10 minute to glue together then hang! I usually like the styrofoam hoops but had to settle for the wired version, but it worked out!

Dead and Breakfast Inn Sign

Got this idea from pintrest. When I was thinking of what kind of out door decorating I could do with a vampire theme, a dead and breakfast seemed the logical idea. I'm excited to try this theme out!

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