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30 Days Till Halloween

Finally October, pumpkins, ghouls, skeletons and witch are popping up everywhere. It is a time to be grateful we have made it this far! To celebrate the upcoming frivolity I'm hoping Halloween will bring I'm posting my top 5 favorite all time costumes! This may be from renfairs, cons, any event that would prompt me to wear a costume which is many. So here is my top 5 favorite costumes I've made over the last few years.

2018 My Little Pony Costume: The fashion Designer One

My son is a bit of a broni. So a couple years ago I went as one of the my little pony's, the one that is a fashion designer. I made the dress, but the fabric was terrible and by the end of the night the dress had completely split down the back. I did make it in a haste.

2019 Renfair: The Royals

I love this costume. I use it for a verity of period costumed charterers like Elizabeth Bathory, and a noble women like in the photo. The white dress was my mothers wedding dress, the blue floral overlay and matching head peice is from my old high school,

2019 Dragcon: Princess of Spiders

I had a class were I made the pattern for the bodice of this dress, but it was for a class project not this dress. I reuse pattern pieces in new ways a lot. Here is one of my favorite dresses. It has a corset bodice and gored skirt with sheer spider mesh sides and black sequence panel. I paired it with my sequence bomber jacket, rhinestone tiara and spider.

2017: RenFair: Steampunk Queen

My family has made a tradition of going to the renfair, however this year was the first year in the past three years that we haven't gone. We pick which day we want to go usually try and prepare costumes to go with that day like pirate day, steampunk day, so forth. This year we went as a steampunk family, I made my jumper, tiara, ray gun, back, wristband, choker and eye patch. I loved how this outfit came out. Since I've made it, it has become a bit disheveled and the tiara broke but I have plans to fix them and bust them out again! But with a custum face mask to match!

2017 The Ghost and the Witch

The year after we moved into my grandmother house to care for her, was the year we had a halloween party at her house, it would become a tradition. Grandma loved a good party an excuse to dress up.

I dresses as my truest self that year and wore my witchy best. The black lace dress I made the year before and wore it here with a Frederick's of Hollywood corset and witch hat clip. I made the ghost costume for my little dude because he really wanted to be a sheet ghost for halloween that year.

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