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5 Easy Christmas/Yule Decorations

December is here and only now will I willingly shop and decorate for Christmas. Christmas is my least favorite holiday because of how materialistic and over baring a holiday it is. The Republican right claim there is a war on Christmas, Ha! The war is on every other holiday. I hate seeing Christmas displays before the end of October. I refuse to decorate for Christmas/Yule if it is not December. I digress it is now December. I usually don't post during December but I'm trying to get better at that. I actually reject Christmas, but I do celebrate and enjoy the winter solstice celebration of Yule.

I thought I would share the 5 easy Christmas/Yule decorations my family and I have worked on this season! You can find grate tutorials for these projects on Pinterest.

Wooden Plank Snowmen

Wooden Tree

Ornament Curtin

Gingerbread Garland

Gingerbread Village Center Piece


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