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70 Days Till Halloween

Today it is officially 70 days until Halloween! Soon Spirit will begin to open, the stores will begin to put out there Halloween inventory. It is by far the best time of year. I already have epic project ideas I cant wait to try out (assuming things go to plan). To kick off spooky season I created a list of how this Halloween should be one for the record books at least for my family.

The Holiday Strike

If your on tik-tok and depending on what side of tik-tok you are on then you might have heard about the holiday strike. I consider myself a modest activist on important issues and the rampant nature at which corporate greed and consumerism has impacted this plant, I 100% agree to this strike. If you are a Halloween or fall and Christmas (yule) enthusiasts don't buy your products, costumes, décor, presents or art from the major retails this year buy from you local crafters. That includes not shopping at all major corporately owned chain stores Target, Walmart, ect. or, Joana's, Michaels, Home Depot, Ross, Marshalls, Dollar Tree or 99 cent stores and sadly Spirit Halloween.

The amount of money spent at these stores makes other people unbelievably wealthy while wage inequality spirals. Not to mention the lack of quality in the products. Lets support each other instead of the wealthiest among us who don't not need out help. We have the power to change the world, the old way is killing our planet and keeping most of us from seeing the middle class.

To support your old girl, local to SoCal, by checking out my Esty page. Will be adding Halloween costumes and my debut post graduate collection next Month!


Covid has done it's part these last almost two years (cries in French) to change the Halloweening season. Just as last year, I'm hoping for the safety of the children, that most children and adults a like will be matching their mask to their costume. It is fun to see what people come up with. Last year our skeleton Victor made sure to mask-up for the season too. It will be interesting to see what ends up open, closed and drive through only this year, not to mention the creative yard displays. I think my favorite last year was attack of the giant covid.

Spooky Food

I felt bad last year for my kid because the whole world was upended in an instant. For a 5 year old that's a lot. So to make the season special we made Halloween a whole day of spooky fun in every aspect of the day. We made spooky pancakes, spooky lunch and ghostly pizza and witch finger dinner. I have always wanted to do stuff like that and last year I did and it was a hit. I cant wait to do it again this year.


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