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Artsy Dinning Room: Interior Design

I have a saying, "I live in wonderland and everyday is Halloween." For many years only half of that statement was true-ish. While the last four years I may have dressed up in my usual Halloween-runway fashion, my living situation as you know was less then aesthetically pleasing. Having kids and seeing the world in decline puts things into perspective and living they way you see fit and makes life worth living now days if achievable should be high priority. If you wanna live inside Barbies pink dream house or a vampire inspired goth cave nothing should stop you. I always wanted to my child to grow up in a place that felt unique and special. Living with my cousin felt mundane, tediously ordinary and frankly toxic. But here I sit in my very own dining room, looking my unique space and feeling quite content at last. Now I just need to gain a following and start selling some clothing and soon jewelry.

Just like with the living room we started with a blank slate. My husband once again asked me how I wanted the dinning room painted and I loved the idea of an accent wall painted in the style of the background of one of my husbands paintings.




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