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Beetlejuice Themed Halloween Decorations

I'm so excited for Halloween this year not just because we decided on a festive Beetlejuice theme for our decorations this yar but because by October I will have a brand new baby to introduce to Halloween! I'm three weeks from the finish line in my third trimester. I'm excited but tired.

This Halloween I though it would be cute to do a Beetlejuice themed mantel. I checked Pinterest for ideas but was surprised at the lack of actual Beetlejuice themed mantels. I had an idea of what I wanted to do so I as soon as things started to pop up for sale at stores I began the hunt and found some pretty cute and color coordinating pumpkins from the not really the 99 cent store anymore store and some adorable mini ceramic pumpkins from target.

The Crafts:

Beetlejuice Banner

Every year I make a new banner for the mantel. In years past I have made a witchy hocus pocus banner and a vampire teeth banner to name a few. This year I put together a Beetlejuice banner. I only saw one Beetlejuice banner on Pinterest but worked off the main idea of that one using images from the movies I printed out, glued on card stoke and stung up. It came out cute.

Sandworm Pots

This idea saw a lot of on Pinterest. Luckily I had just enough phemo clay to pull it off. I painted some terra cotta pots black, placed some filler and moss in the pot and placed the phemo sandworms inside the pots. Love how these turned out!

Handbook for the Recently Deceased

I knew I wanted to put the handbook for the recently deceased on the mantle I just wasn't sure how to execute it. Went to the Dollar Tree for some faux florals for a pumpkin floral arrangement and found the perfect sized fake book decoration. I printed out the book cover three times two for the cover of the book and one to cut up to place on the binding. Turned out pretty good if you ask me.

Stuffed Pumpkins

I had picked up some stuffed pumpkins from the 99 that look like the same material the Matlins shirt is made out of. I wanted something bigger but as I'm not about to spend 25$ on a stuffed pumpkin from T'J Max, I decided to make it myself. Perfect project to do with the kids. My kid made his own vampire pumpkin and he loves it! For the mantle pumpkins, I just so happened to find a slightly similar fabric in storage and had just enough to make to larger sized pumpkins with scrap fabric stuffing and twin for the stems. Adds just the right amount of whimsy.

Beetlejuice Inspired Pumpkin Bouquet

We collect pumpkin buckets. We have a lot of them so I took two and spray painted them black, then painted white strips on them to make them more Beetlejuice like. My kid helped with this project too and really enjoyed it! I purchased some dollar tree Halloween faux flowers and viola a Beetlejuice themed floral arrangement for the base of the fireplace. I think it came together nicely.


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