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Dark Academia Library: Interior Design

In our new home we have a back den, however instead of just having a den we decided to create a library of sorts. My mom was an avid collector of books and when she passed I inherited her book collection, an entire storge locker full. After shifting through crates and crates of books, I saved the ones I liked the most, art books, kid books, some cook books and put them aside until I was able to properly display them. After spending almost 6 years living in a house that was cramped and so forth, I am finally able to do them some justice and put them up on bookshelves!

Just like with the rest of the house, we started with a blank slate. When we first got to the house we used the back den as a guest room, then a storage room but now its ready to be the library I have been waiting for.

We painted the room a dark emerald green, very dark academia inspired and put up some black bookshelves. I moved my mothers wooden study into the space and decked it out with some vintage books. I have acquired a collection of oil lamps that are placed through out the house and of course displayed all the books. I love to decorate and of course use Pinterest and tik tok for inspiration. I have seen the use of vines and flowers on walls behind bookcases and on ceilings so I thought I would do something similar.

The study was used for storage for many years and was as functional as it could have been. So I decided to try and make sure it could be used as a desk when need be and decorated the inside to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.


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