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Designer Looks Inspiring my Fall Wardrobe Micro Collection

Every time around this year I look at what's happening on the runways, and at my favorite designer clothing stores to see what looks will inspire my fall wardrobe collection I usually make myself every year. Last year was an exception, we didn't leave the house because of the pandemic so I am ramping up this year to create myself a mini fall capsule collection inspired by the best designer out there today.

I found these looks at and I'm a sucker for the most LA designer shops. My dream is to one day sell my brand there. But for now I'll settle for recreating designer looks in my own iterations. Here are some of the inspiring looks I'm feeling this fall.

Dreis Van Noten

I love warm clothing when its colder out. I'm usually not a big fan of sweat pants, but I mean how cute are these sweat pants!! So Inspired to create my own gothy, pastel version!

Rick Owens

I love me a long black skirt with a slit. This Rick Ownes number is super classy and would jazz up any wardrobe. I just might have to recreate this skirt, although I would love to buy it I cannot, but I can recreate it!

Comme Des Garson

I love so many different fashion style I often just want to mask them all together in one garment. Like this CDG skirt I feel embodies goth, gothic lolita, and Avant Garde all in one skirt. I Must Recreate it!!

Eckhause Latta

I have been a bit obessed with cut out garments lately. Making them, wearing them. When I saw this skirt I was like, yes, yes I must make my own version! Love the high fashion vibes of this one, perfect for a socal "fall"!

Melitta Baumeister

I do love wearing sequence and these sequence leggings are everything!

I also am in love with this Melitta Baumeister dress. I would wear a sports bra or a slip dress underneath it but I'm loving this style. I do like my sheers.

Dolce and Gabbana

This dress is one of my favorite fall looks, I would love to create my own version.


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