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Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween this year might be back to "normal" at least in certain ways. One thing that remains the same is trying to find a costume. I like to go on Pinterest and see what cool make-up looks are trending and create easy Halloween looks based on the make-up inspiration. As a designer I have created dress that can be worn year round but are perfect inspo for easy Halloween costumes! Here are some new and old looks to inspire this years costumes!

Redrum Demon

I made this dress as part of my very last collection for my old fashion brand Cotton Candy Punk. I love this dress and have tried to sell it but it keep coming back into my possession. So I made a cute easy Halloween costume look with it!

Trick or Treating Skeleton

I made this dress from a sweater my mom gave me awhile back. I love this dress, its cute with really any kind a make up, skeleton, or pumpkin.

Ghoul Power

Prefect with any kind of ghoulish make-up.

Ghostly Boo

Out of all the easiest costumes to do, a ghost is by far the easiest. Pair this dress with some cute ghostly make-up and their you go! ready for spooky season!


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