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Fashion Graduates that Are Changing the Face of Fashion in 2021

I have wanted to be a celebrity fashion designer since I first started watching Project Runway when it first aired and I had lost hope of ever becoming an actor. I spent 10 years teaching myself to sew and chancing a dream that even being three months away from graduating seems further away then it ever has. I've decided to be honest about my feelings because of how utterly invisible I am in the world of fashion.

However just because my future is bleak, for these 5 graduate designer the future is brighter then ever and even though no one is supporting and spreading the word on me doesn't mean I cant do the same for others. These designer have worked hard and are pushing the limits of design.

These are my top 5 graduate designers to watch.



Caitlin Rogerson

Yohanes: IFD

David To: IFD


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