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Fashion Trends I'm loving This Spring

Usually I'm all about my chiffon maxi dresses during the warmer months, but I'm feeling like mixing it up this season. Here are some of my top picks for spring fashion trends I'm feeling this season.

The BabyDoll Dress

I'm always a sucker for puffy dresses, and puffy mini babydoll dress are the feels this spring. I took inspiration from this Marc Jacobs babydoll dress and recreated it in a deferent fabric and slight variations.

The Maxi Cardigan

I would be lying if I said I didn't need sweaters every season no matter how warm. Last spring I made This spring I have been longing for a maxi length style cardigan. I found some super soft micro fiber knit fabric and decided it was time to make myself one!

The Regina Sandal

In pursuing shoes in the sale section of I came across these fuzzy dream heels. My grandmother use to have a pair of fuzzy heels, they were a soft blue. I loved playing dress up in those shoes. The Regina sandal gives me the 90's nostalgia vibes.


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