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Gearing Up for Summer-Camping

I don't think I've been camping in the 7 years since we had our kid! So much has gone on that has put us out of the opportunity zone to go camping, but atlas this year is the year and I cant wait! I have wanted to take my child camping since birth. It is still a couple weeks away until we finally get to go for a relaxing (hopefully) little overnight outing. Till then this is how I'm pre-planning our camping vaca.


It may come as no surprise that I enjoy making lists. I also enjoy reading lists. Making a supply list can actually help asses what you have and still need to by or upgrade. Since my family hasn't camped in 7 years, a supply list was necessary. We need quit a few upgrades.


This is how excited I am about camping, I'm pre-packing. I have pre packed a first aid kit, sun-care kit, travel alter and a bug-repellent kit. I like doing this because you can see and use what you have before having to go out and buy what you still need. Pinterest has grate ideas on how to pack these things for functionality and saving space.

Outfit Planning:

For a fashion blogger this one is a big one. I love outfit planning. I don't plan on bringing my craziest outfits, not for camping. Vegas definitely but not camping. I tone it down for camping but I still like to present myself. I do plan on making another pair of bike shorts, and a sun dress or two for lounging. I will bring cozy sleep pants, light wait t'shirts and a tank top or two. I do love outfit planning!


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