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Goth Camping

Camping can be fun, relaxing and adventurous. For spring break this year my little family decided to take a weekend camping trip to a local so-cal campground. As always I had to do things in style and my style this camping trip was goth.

What I Packed

No goth inspired camping trip is complete with out a statement goth towel from BlackCraft Cult, a beach ball from KillStar, Lidia Deets style hat, rhinestone skill sandals and a warm and cold weather clothes. It was crazy windy where we went camping and got very warm in the sun but crazy cold at night. We also packed all the camping essentials not pictured, flashlights, lantern, tent, collapsible chairs, hatchet, hammer, extra stakes, rope, blankets, towels, toiletries, first aid kit, sunblock, toilet paper, trash bags and paper towels.


For most camping trips I tend to bring a book to read, my tarot cards, a magic spell to perform while in nature and some nature books for identifying mushrooms and trees. I also bring a small back pack, Karl Lagerfield for hikes.

Camp Dining

I love cooking while camping. My husband and I bought a Dutch oven forever ago and I love using it to cook while camping. I love to make campfire chili. You can use the lid to cook pancakes, veggie dogs, and eggs. I have a picnic basket that my grandmother use to use as a sewing basket that I converted to camping cooking supply basket, works grate, we also use a large tote bag for other camping essentials. I used the two to keep the psychic readings table cloth in place so it wouldn't blow away in the wind.


I am currently four months pregnant, so I had to make sure to bring comfy clothes to wear. I made two dresses special for maternity wear, I brought them, plus my pregnancy leggings!

I hope this has inspired your theme camping trip!!


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