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Gothic Livingroom: Interior Design

I never really imagined I'd have the opportunity to own my own home. Let alone be able to decorate said home in a way that makes my husband and I happy and comfortable. In our old home that we shared with our roommate I could only decorate if I asked permission and however I decorated had to fit our roommates rather basic decretive sensibilities (college thrift). She has no real style of her own and had no real taste either, we lived in a rather drab lack luster home. The only hint that artistic people lived there was some of my husbands art on the walls and my sewing room.

After years of stress and passive aggressive exchanges, we finally decided to take the plunge and move out of such a toxic environment! We grabbed the kids and now we live in New England and are ready to make this home our own!

We got to start with a blank canvas! We are steadily making our way through the whole house painting and decorating. We started in the living room. My husband asked me what colors I wanted to paint the living room and I said pink and black. Our old roommate unprompted made a point of telling us not to paint the walls black or pink, I had no intention and was a bit insulted when she brought it up. My favorite colors happen to be pink and black, and I love the idea of having a pink and black gothic styled living room. My husband loved the idea of wainscoting and was excited to try it, its still a work in progress but I love how far we have come.

When we first moved in: blank slate.

After we painted.

We have made tis space unapologetically our own with art, photographs, artists toys and other collectables we have been cultivating but had nowhere to put. Now we can display them with pride! Eventually I will have the walls covered in art, my husbands and art we collect from other artists. I am waiting on a shelf from amazon for more displayables. We still need a rug in the living room as well for a nice soft place for our baby to play. It is still a work in progress but it is a vast improvement over our last living situation and it gives our children a chance to grow up in a fun, loving, witchy environment free from passive aggressive, and judgmental roommates.


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