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We are at the half way point between the start of the year and my favorite time of year Halloween! How does one celebrate Half-O-Ween. By watching Gothic Homemaking with Voltaire and working on some creepy projects of course! Alas, my little family and I are trying to save money to hopefully move in the coming months so I"ll simply list on some of my favorite Halloween year round youtubers, playlists and some other favorites items to spook up the everyday!

Gothic Homemaking with Voltaire

No Halloween favorites list is complete without some mention of the amazing spooky goth king that is Aurelio Voltaire. I discovered Voltaire over 10 years ago via his comic books Deady the Teddy. I can't remember when I found out he made music, it might have been when he was on an episode of Oddities. Years later I found out he also had a YouTube channel, Gothic Homemaking. I love watching his channel, so many grate year round gothic projects to spook up your home and other projects.

Halloween Lo-fi

I listen to these lo-fi Halloween play list year round. For sooth listening that keep with the Halloween vibe. There are two i have on regular rotation. Highly recommend for study or work sessions.

Jade The Libera

I like to watch Jade the Libera for organizing ideas and other fun projects and halloween decorating walk thoughs. I love her aesthetic! Highly recommend if you have a minuet or two to kill.

Cauldron and Creepy Themed Mugs

I have been cultivating a collection of gothic and Halloween themed mugs for years now. Unfortunately all but two of them are in storage or I cant use because they have areas that are hard to reach for proper cleaning inside them. But they add to the aesthetic of creepy. I use my killstar cauldron mug most of the time now, but on special occasions I use my killstar tea cup.

Put a Black Bird On It

One of my favorite Halloween decorations is to put up crows around the house. I have done it two Halloweens in a row and after the first time I left out the cuter black birds from the storage tub and placed them around our bedroom to add a cute spooky element for everyday enjoyment.


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