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Halloween Crafts!

Its finally October!! Halloween is only a few weeks away and spooky vibes are starting to spread through out the city. Its fabulous. We have had company these last few weeks so we are a bit late putting out our outdoor Halloween decorations. I have also been working on a few other indoor decorations as well.

I have two Halloween crafts I have worked on recently. I will have more next year but this year I have two but I love them and thought I'd share.

Its Freakin Bats

This one is a trend all over social media. I have done this one in the past but not all the bats made it to New England with us so I had to make all new ones.

A Dareing Fortune

I saw this in a Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Halloween edition. I have been collecting B H and G magazines for years but haven't really had any chances to try some of there ideas. When I found the fillable crystal ball at Target and saw this idea I had to try it. I love how it came out!


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