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Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Crafts

This year my little family and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home. We are looking forward to it. My kid loves it when I decorate for the holidays, I cant help but want to, just to see that kids face light up. So I decide although the stores may not be selling fall décor anymore (war on Halloween and on Thanksgiving) I will see what I can do with the little I have, since most of our home décor is in storage. I bought a few things I could find at the dollar stores, 99 Cents Store, Dollar Tree and Diaso.

I surprised my kid with a fun and festive, yet simple and cheap mantel set up. The kid loved it and helped me put up fake leaves around the fireplace for added fall fun. It is a joy to decorate with my kid for the holidays!

I love to make banners and hadn't made any banners like I usually would have for Halloween this year. So I figure, sure its last minute, but with the kid off school, making a pie banner will be a prefect project for the kid and I!

I loved the idea when I saw it on Pinterest! Are you following my Pinterest? The pie banner is so cute I had to make it. Luckily felt and string are available no matter the time of year at most dollar stores. I got my felt from Diaso!

I wasn't planning on making a center piece but thought why not! The dollar stores were bare shopping last minute. It was a travesty. Luckily I found a big bag of pinecones in the garage. The dollar stores had the fewest possible amounts of faux fall leaves and autumn candles. It came together though.


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