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Mother Day 2021: The No Spend Mother Day Guide

Mothers day is around the corner. Most bloggers make lists of all the things you can buy for mom to show her how much you love her. To me spending money on mom only shows a dependency on capitalism. This year however, it should be the year we ween ourselves off of capitalistic habits and show mom how much we love her by doing things she will appreciate. Here is my list of the alternative things we can do.

Clean The House

All I ask for mothers day is to have one day where I wake up to a clean house, I didn't have to clean myself. I'm sure I'm not the only mom/maid who feels this way. For-go the choco and just let mom wake up to a clean house and freshly picked flowers on the table. She will appreciate it way more. I know I would.

Family Hike or Walk

My little clan likes to take a family hike every weekend. I learned a long time ago it isn't about giving things to your children but experiences to our children that is far more meaningful in the long run. This monther's day take a hike in moms favorite spot, and let her enjoy the surrounding by giving her a few moments to breath in the beauty with her. I wish I could have done this with my mom.

Hand Write a Card

For my birthday and most holidays my kid makes me the best cards. He draws my favorite things like cats or Hello Kittys, and every time all I can think is about how lucky I am to have such a talented little human in my life. I keep all my child's art, I'm so proud!

Cook A Meal Together

I know the title of the blog is the no spend guide but this one was bound to be on there. The cost of food is a necessity and there for a no brainer. Cooking with my kid is a delight and cooking with the whole family is such a great way to bond and teach the littles a valuable skill. My kid doesn't always want to cook with me but on mothers day it is a treat.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

I have been pushing for the limiting of plastics usage in my household. For mothers day this year, I want to put a firm foot forward on my stance by spending the day at the beach collecting garbage. My husband has been wanting to do this a long time and the more people that do might actually make a difference. It takes a society to repair what capitalism and corporations fail to protect our planet against. Mother earth deserves love too for what she gives us on a daily bases, for if were not for Mother Earth there would be no humanity.


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