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My Self Care Compellation #2

Here we are in 2021 and I am proud to say I have expanded my wellness routine. I might have gone overboard but it really does, at present, seem to be making a difference in my overall daily attitude. I am about to enter a new and all be it scary chapter of my life, it is more important then ever for me to maintain healthy metal self care habits. Dr. Benjamin Hardy started a YouTube channel at the end of 2020. I began watching it while I was on my social media break ,expect for Pinterest and YouTube, I did dive deep into ways to trick the subconscious mind into becoming a better version of yourself. While on this journey I found the Gem Goddess and fell into tarot and oracle cards as a way to connect to your high self and plant seeds of positivity and promote healthy self dialogue. I have also discovered the benefits of daily, meditation, listing to high vibrational music, doing shadow work and journal prompts. I have incorporated these things into my daily life not simply to trick my subconscious mind but for overall well being.

It all sounds hippy dippy, but once you begin the journey its feels good and healthy. Being bi-polar and manic depressive has been a battle inside my head for as long as I can remember. I am ready to break away and rewire my brain to view the world and my world in a more healthy way. Here are the things I do during in my morning wellness routine...


We all knew this one was coming. I have always tried to make this one apart of my routine but it was always scatted throughout the day and often forgot about. Last quarter the realization hit me that in three months I will be graduating, I will have to find a job or try and actively peruse my dream situation. I really had to sit down and think things through, quite the mind and formulate a plan. I know who my future self is and its time to be that person, she happens to wake up at the crack of dawn and meditate. So I made a plan to start waking up at 5 am and the first thing I do (besides feed the guineas) is sit down on the floor in my room, in the dark and meditate. The mind never really quiets but I focus on the sounds around me and let thoughts fade in and out.

Super Attractor oracle deck by Gabrielle Bernstein


Right after I meditate I go straight into a short morning yoga session. I found it on Pinterest. I do some variations when the body feels up to it. I also do yoga in the dark, its surprisingly calming at 5am. I try to focus and concentrate my thinking on manifesting my goals for the whole yoga session. The focused thinking was suggested by Dr Benjamin Hardy in a video were is talks about setting aside 17 minutes a day to just think about your goals, dreams, really think about them, visualize them coming true. I do this during my yoga, it helps in regulating your breathing as well.

image source- Pintrest

Skin Care Routine

I have to fight myself sometimes to do this every morning and evening, but I'm glad I do. I'm not getting any younger, but I sure do like looking a smidge younger then I am. I know its ridiculous but maintaining my complexation and what wrinkles I do have is a huge boast to my overall feeling of wellbeing.

Mini Affirmation Notebook and Oracle Card Readings

I think it was the Gem Goddess on YouTube who talked about the benefits of writing what you wish to manifest in the first person in a notebook to say to yourself on a daily bases to keep you mentally on track. I did this but elaborated on it by adding affirmations. I read this to myself every morning after taking a few minutes after dressing to breathe and center myself. I pair this activity with a manifestation and goals journal that I either write in, in a scripting format, writing weekly and monthly goals to work on or that I just look at each morning. It does depend on how I feel, some days I don't open the manifestation journal but I make sure to always read the affirmations notebook. I do all these things in order to trick my subconscious mind into being nicer to me when it comes to self talk.

I like to think its not that hard to harness the universal energy that surrounds us, serendipity, luck and fate. After I meditate, do yoga, bathe, dress, and read my affirmations and goals journal, I sit down on my bed, for now, and read an oracle spread. Wither its the universe responding or simply odds of the cards, either way the messages are there help, guide, motivate and inspire thought. They do not tell the future. They might help you think of things in a different way. For me reading the cards is just another way to plant seeds in the subconscious mind to help ease the weight of the world and my world off my shoulders.

It may seem like a lot but its what's working for me right now. There are days though I feel I need to force myself to do these things because my depression might be effecting me, I give myself some lee-way to do as much as I feel up too. I do have other habits I have adopted into my daily routine that help as well, I will post in the 3rd compellation! I hope this inspires you in your wellness routine!


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