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One Skirt Two Simple Halloween Costumes

With Halloween only being two weeks away I have to admit I haven't really given a whole lot of thought into what I'm going to be this year. I collect costumes and have done so for over a decade so I'll come up with something last minute I'm sure. But I thought for those of whom may not have a four bucket stash of costumes in storage might need some easy ideas for costumes using clothes you already own.

For this I picked one skirt and worked with what I had already in my dresser but these items are easily found online for cheap or in second hand stores with accessories from the dollar store.

Hogwarts Student

I love Harry Potter, I collect wands and have three from movies. For this costume, I already had the socks, scarf and patch which I sewed onto a white shirt. Really a simple but effective costumes.


The easiest costume by far. The tights are from the 99 Cents store and the top is from Target but you can get a skeleton shirt pretty much anywhere. Finish this look with either a mask or simple skeleton makeup.


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