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Ostara Projects

I'm super late to posting for Ostara but here it is anyways. These projects are perfect for Ostara or just as fun spring projects for you and the kids! My kid loves projects and wanted to celebrate Easter, we don't celebrate Easter so we are celebrating the spring equinox/ Ostara a bit late.

Here are a couple fun projects me and the kid did to celebrate spring!

Bunny Butt Banner

Who doesn't love a great festive banner. I know I do and I love to create them for the holidays! This spring me and the kid worked on making a bunny butt banner to hang up. Its Super easy, just printed out some bunny butts from pintrest, glued on some poof ball tails, cut and used string to string them up. Super easy and adds a cute touch of spring.

EggShell Tea Light Candles

Eggs represent fertility and spring embodies fertility and rebirth. This project was a bit harder. Melting the wax wasn't easy for me so I only melted enough wax for two eggshell tealight candles. They turned out super cool though, and the kid really enjoyed decorating the tealights with rose essential oil, lavender and rose petals.

Ostara Mental Alter

I love a creatively decorated mental. I also love a beautifully decorated alter, I decided to mix the two this year. I share my home not only with my husband and son but with my older cousin. She is not of the witchy persuasion but I most definitely am, and although we share a house having to keep my witchyness in the closet does not sit well with me. So when I can I bring the witchy out into the rest of the house I do and I felt spring/ Ostara would be a perfect time to bring it out with out her even really realizing it.

This mental is full on spring with some hints of Ostara recognition. I hid a handmade wooden pentagram in the floral display for protection, and displayed crystal clusters with corresponding crystals at either end of the candles. My eggshell candles are the center piece and I added my kids wined up bunny. I think it turned out pretty cute.


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