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Ottoman Refurbish

When we moved I finally got to bring out of storage some of my mothers furniture that I inherited after her death. She had some beautifully ornate wooden furniture, such as a chest and an ottoman. I was excited to get to use the ottoman as I felt it went with our rocking chair. The ottoman is a family heirloom and the upholstered part was frankly rather old and failing apart. I made plans to reupholster it.

Having never upholstered anything before I was flying by the seat of my pants, but my husband helped me out with some tools. I found some fabric that was pretty darn close to the fabric that our rocking chair is covered in. I got stuffing instead of batting mainly because it was cheaper, but if I ever do anything like this again I will just go with the batting because the stuffing although fluffy, it does move around when you put your feet up.

I completely took the top part off, took of the finishing nail and clean it up before adding the stuffing then, I hot glued some of the stuffing down and then the fabric before I nailed the finishing nails in. came out pretty dope for a first attempt!

The picture doesn't do the ottoman justice, it looks really goo together.


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