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Puff Sleeves and Art

This this past couple weeks have physically exhausting. However, today I mustered the energy to take a quick trip up to the Soap Plant also known as Wacko to pick up a gift or two for my husbands birthday. As leavening the house is an event, I dressed up. Once I got my gifts I had to check out the La Luz De Jesus Gallery and the artist exhibition featured the art of Tom077. I definite check out if your in the LA area.

Since I left the house I decided to wear a skirt I made in year 3 of school, it took me awhile to make because I individually sewn on all the lace details. I love this skirt! I paired it with a shirt from my brand Manufactured Gold and Shein X micro collection collaboration. I designed this top specially for this collab. I thought it looked cute with a bralette underneath and paired with my lacey, lace up front skirt, and my Jeffery Campbell spiked litas.

I got my husband the "David Bowie an illustrated Life" by Marie Hesse and Fran Ruiz. He's an artist and Bowie fan so I thought he would appreciate this Life of Bowie iteration. I also got him "Its All That Glitters" by brian C James because my husband is currently working on circus and the like themed paintings and wood burning, I am hoping these images brings him inspiration! Recommended gifts for those who enjoy comic style books and burlesque photos.


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