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Safety Pins

This month hasn't been very eventful. Lots of interesting things happen that I will post about soon! I have been very fortunate to start interning as a sample maker for an amazing designer part time. Finally a reason to leave the house! And any reason to leave the house is a reason to dress up. Lately I have been taking to doing IG live streams where I drape, or work on constructing a designer recreation in my own iteration. Last Friday I worked on a knit Vsco dress I was inspired by, and created my version of the dress during the live.

I decided to wear it today over a plan black dress that I did not make but wear under sheer dresses that I do make a lot.

The version I created, I used safety pins to keep the cut out from being to revealing. I like the look it bits more my style, more punky, gothy. Today I paired my outfit with a O-ring choker, matching O-ring earrings and my silver tipped Jeffery Campbell Lolita booties.

I have been trying more bold make-up looks, I dig this one, it more tame but I'm getting better.


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