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Silverado Showdown May 2021

It has been a little over a year since my husband and I went to a concert. We saw the Horrorpops at the Willturn theater weeks before the world went into lockdown. Ironically just as California is entering tear orange for easing lockdown we got to go to the Silverado Showdown to see headliner Nekromantix. It came full circle when we spotted Patricia day walking threw the crowd while Nekro was playing.

Admittedly I'm not sure I'm ready for eased masked mandates and it made nervous seeing so many people without masks. I know not all of them were vaccinated. However we kept our distance and wore our custom masks the whole time. Either way it was nice to be out of the house on a date, and to finally see a show after so long.

I made a chain-link mesh skirt inspired by a Christopher Kane skirt I spotted on Pinterest. I also made a shirt dress out of a marbled print fabric I had been sitting on for a year. I paired the look with my Dominia mary-janes and a small skeleton purse, only small or clear bags were allowed for security reason. Overall I felt cute but was dressed drastically different then all the rockabillys there. I like it that way!


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