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Spago and Pearls

This week my husband took out on the town, Beverly Hills, to eat at the world famous Spago. We watched the documentary on Wolfgang Puck on Disney+, when we found out it was still there, we set reservations. My husband said it was a special dinner for finishing school, I may not graduate and cross the stage for another two month but I can still celebrate!

I spent two weeks working on my dress. After working on my graduate collection I decided I wanted to work on a dress and make it well so I put boning inside it and a lining. I hand sewed the pearls on it. I love this dress! I paired it with my sequence bomber jacket I made two years ago and My white coach bag.

Spago was amazing the food was beautiful and tasted amazing. We got the smoked salmon pizza, the lobster pasta, Bass and the signature desert. All in all a memorable experince!


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