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Summer Trends I'm Loving

It seems like since the vaccine became available and everyone started getting inoculated that time is speeding back up. With lock down the days dolled on. Yet, here we are gearing up to live life again just in time for hot girl summer. My husband and I got got our first vaccine dose and are already celebrating the lockdown ease by heading to a concert, first one in a year and half. Mask and hand sanitizer at the ready! The last concert my husband and I went to was Horror Pop for my birthday right before we got the shelter in place order. So we are very excited to finally get out of this house and hear some live music!!

Things are happening in my household with lots of new beginnings expected! I'm graduating in August, we are planning on moving, and I have a few special projects in the works! With so much expected to happen, I am looking at what's trending and some of my old favorite trends to consider when making my hot girl summer wardrobe. Here is a short list of what's inspiring my next capsule collection!

Chain Link

I love chain-link garments. I have been obsessed lately! Last quarter I made a dress held together entirely with gold and silver chain, with a long chain skirt. It is insanely heavy but I love it! Then I found this chain-link mesh type fabric inspired by chainmail. I have been very inspired by chains, chain-link mesh, crystal mesh and sequin mesh dresses and skirts. I am really feeling this Christopher Kane crystal mesh skirt for summer! I wanna sparkle like a star!

Lace Dresses

Lace dresses have always been my thing. I have consistently made lace dress at least once or twice a year, and I tend to wear them till they fall part and I have to make a new one. This year I'm feeling inspired by this Natasha Zinko dress sold at Maxfield.

Bike Shorts

I became a fan of the bike short look last year and I have to say I'm still into it! I have made several pairs of cool and fashionable bike shorts for exercising that are also fashionable during the hot summer days!

Sequence Everything

Wither a skirt, dress, or top, I live for sequence. I wanna feel like a glittery disco ball. I made this sequence crop top in year two of school.

Palm Prints

When its summer time I swear I live for palm print, especially if its in black and white. Summer goth style, I live for it in the warm weather!


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