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The Best Halloween Decorations For Those Who Live Halloween Everyday of The Year

My husband, child and I share a house with my cousin. My husband and I are obviously alterative in style. I love gothic, punk, gothic Lolita, glamour, and macabre aesthetics, while my husband is partiel to steampunk, pychobilly and punk aesthetics. We work well together when it comes to balancing out how we wish to decorate our living space. Living with my cousin does not allow for us to express our decorative selves aesthetically outside of our bedroom and on Halloween. Since I am still holding out hope that after 4 full years we will be able to move out sometime in the near future I decided not to decorate for Halloween this year. It is driving me crazy though, we easily have one of the ugliest houses on the block, I hate the way the house looks inside as well (bland as all hell, like she didn't even shop at a store but we just given random future an was like "Okay"). I have no say in how our shared living space looks on a regular bases except on Halloween and this year I have been far to depressed to decorate.

Because of my depression, (I know I'm sure your done with me talking about it, but I am trying to normalize it) I have been doing some retail therapy. Sadly at chain stores. I hate it but I don't really have money and they are close by. So I created this list of at least the best housewares from these stores, I think, this year. They live in our bedroom and in storage.


I hate it but its down the street from our house so its hard to not to pop in when getting an essential and see what they have in the Halloween section. Scant section this year, like last, but I found some cute decorative beakers, and a teared tower. My dream is to have this in my kitchen year round with cute spooky things on it.


Again this one is close by and the day we bought these items my dad's mom had passed at 103 and I was overcome with loss. So why not fill the void with some cute Beetlejuice pillows, a thing inspired mechanical hand and a book of shadows purse!

Michael's Craft Store

I like Michael's ok, it do prefer the smaller craft stores but I only know of one that is indecently owned and its a few cities over. Things aren't grate at home with the roommate so what to do, shop! I got this adorable cauldron, all the Halloween décor at Michaels is 50% off right now so, I was sold.


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