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The Green Witch and Hearth Craft

Its been one month officially of living in our own home! In our last house I couldn't express myself in the house completely, my witchyness made my roommate (not my husband but cousin we lived with) uncomfortable. I have been out as a witch for many years now and try my best to educate any religious people willing to listen about what it really means to be a witch today. However that doesn't always help people to see pass their religious prejudice against the craft. My roommate was one such person, so to finally be able to be open and free with my craft is a breath of fresh air.

I consider myself a lunar witch, I'm drawn to the moon like a moth to flame. However, I have expanded my craft to include many different aspects of witchcraft such as hearthcraft, green and kitchen witchery. I love cooking, I love herbs, I love gardening so green witchcraft was a natural progression in my craft. And I finally have a dedicated space in my new kitchen for an alter and my many green and kitchen witch books I have! I am in love with my new space and cant wait to cast some spells of protection and prosperity in my new home!

Video's on HearthCraft

When we began the process of purchasing our own home I began the process of educated myself on hearth craft. What could I do in my new home to make it feel more homie and incorporate witchcaft at the same time. So I began to dig and found some of the best witchy youtubers had some grate advice I can't wait to do.

The Green Witch

The Green Witch suggests displaying copper cullenders as a way to filter out negative energy in the kitchen. I have a cullender I inherited from my grandmother, its a beautifully decorated metal cullender that after watching The Green Witches video I was looking forward to displaying it in my new home. She had many more wonderful suggestions as well for spells to protect the energy in your home.

The Red Headed Witch

In the Red Headed Witches video she covers many aspects of hearth craft, including herbalism and home décor. Her video was made during winter but she has many suggestions that are great for year round.

The Witches Cookery

The Witches Cookery always have great recipes for kitchen witchery, cozy hearth spells and suggestions I am excited to incorporate in my own home!


As a blogger I do enjoy a good blog with lots of useful information. I do strive to be such a blog. In my research for hearth craft ideas to implement in my own home I turned as I often do to Pinterest, there I have saved many blog posts about hearth craft, green witchcraft, kitchen witch craft and of core just about everything in between.

The Other Worldly Oracle

This blog has some great ideas to help create the ideal witchy home.

What I've Done to Incorporate Hearth Craft into My home

As I've been researching ways to banish negative and old energy from the house, protect the home from unwelcomed energies, spirit recognition and hearth craft in general I have already incorporated a few things I've learned into my home. These are things that felt natural and came intuitively to me.

  1. Hanging a cullender: The Green Witch suggested this idea and as I had inherited a beautiful cullender from my late grandmother I wanted a way to pay tribute to her and help filter the energy in the kitchen.

  2. Crystals in window sills. I see this one a lot, to bring in abundance and ward off negative energies by putting crystals or spell satchels in window sills is a popular practice and I can see why.

  3. While we are on the subject of windows, I also felt compelled to put a pentacle charm in the window of my dinning room. The energy coming from the house next door is penetrating my home so a grate way to ward off that energy is to put up a protection symbol such as a pentacle.

  4. Bring in a brand new broom. Bringing a brand new broom is a grate to to start anew in a new home. I left behind my old broom because I didn't want to bring that negative energy from the old house into my new home.

  5. Smoke cleanse the whole house.

  6. Set up alters.

  7. I put up a moon phase mirror in front of the door to bounce off unwanted energy from entering the home.

  8. Witchy Art. I love witchy art, especially witchy moon art. Lucky for me my husband loves to make art and supports my witchyness. We also love to collect art from other artisans. We have a collection of art, his and other artists that we have been hanging around the house and some it is quite witchy.


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