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The New Years Book List

I'm bringing back the book lists! But this time I'm making it seasonal. I figured it would be a good idea to start the new year off with some witchy book recommendations.

2023 is the year of the witch. I've decided to live my witchy truth this year. My roommate is afraid of witch, because of her Christian leanings she doesn't have a true understanding of witchcraft or how most Christian holidays or rituals are in fact witchcraft and pagan in origin. Despite how many times I've try to explain this to her. I am however fully leaning into my witchy truth. I have always collected books on witchcraft, spell work, herbs and fictional stories, because who doesn't love a good witchy read.

A Magical Planner 2023

By Amy Cesari

I have a collection of these planners starting in 2020. Amy usually makes them in a coloring book style, which is grate for relaxing. However this year she did a full color version! I love these planners because there is some many good spell ideas and shadow work prompts for every month to keep you inspired and focused! Purchased on Amazon.

The Witches Herbal Apothecary

By Marysia Miernowska

I really am a sucker for books on witchy herbs. I feel like you can never really have enough information on herbs and their magical properties. Different books have different information and this one is a great resources.

The Complete Book of Palmistry

BY Joyce WIlson

Lately have I taken an interest in different divination methods. Palmistry is one. So far I have two books on the subject however this book in particular has more in depth information and a photo guide.

SpellCraft A Guided Journal

I enjoy journaling and I enjoy spellcraft. This book combines both so you can keep track of your alterations to any spell to make it more personal this way its easier to add to your book of shadows or grimoire later once the spell is perfected.

The Age of Witches

BY Louisa Morgan

I have read her other book. I love these tales of witches through the centuries and how they barely fly under the radar of society. Louisa's books are enchanting and paint such beautiful pictures of witches daily lives and struggles.


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