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Things I'm Loving: July

Summer is here, hot weather all over the country, cities opening back up and all the while trying to parent and relax. This summer is different then years past, I'm finally graduating from college, looking for new and exciting fashion related opportunities and hopefully soon gearing up to start looking for a new place to call home.

In the mean time I must remain patient, while living in my current situation. Unfortunately I'm not really happy with that situation so I must find ways to remain content until we are able to finally start our next chapter. Here is this months list of things I'm loving in July.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye

I love this stuff. I usually go for the cheaper dye because I usually don't have a lot to spend on hair dye. But I do love lime crime products and I have been following Doe Deere for awhile. The smell of this dye is amazing! I absolutely love the color and it takes about three months before the color really starts to fade.

The Sims 3

I seem to have a it more time on my hands the when I was in school. Definitely hard to get use to, I do work but part time, so in-between trying to get work done and keep my child occupied I have taken up playing the sims. Lucky so does my child.

Clubhouse App

I cant say I absolutely love social media. Tik Tok is ok, I like to make videos of making clothing, doing make-up and playing dress-up. However I feel like I have to be on Instagram and tik tok to promote my fashions in order to be seen as a fashion designer. With clubhouse I'm there to listen and grown. There are so many grate chats and clubs about business success, manifestation and mental health awareness and help. I find clubhouse to be a grate app for learning and entertainment.

House Witch by Arin murphy-Hiscock

My family and I are hoping to move out in the coming moths, so to help manifest these dreams I have gotten this helpful house witch guide book. I am already comping how to bring spell craft into our new house to promote protection, well-being and prosperity.


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