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Things I'm Loving This April

Spring is in the air, flowers are in bloom and the weather is warming up. Despite the warm weather and beautifully sunny days, I have been feel depressed. It might just be the pregnancy hormones or I'm just in a career slum or both but as always I'm sharing with you the list of things that keep me going through the doldrum.

Morning Mediation by The Gem Goddess

She has a few mediation videos on youtube but I have been particle to this one participial one lately. I have been do deeply depressed lately, I have tried making vision boards to help manifest a better situation to help make my dreams come true, but I am not an optimist and things are so bad right now I cant spend time day dreaming about a better life when I open my eyes just be in the situation that makes me miserable. As I right this I want nothing more then fade to away into nothingness. But when I feel this way I try to put on the mediation and simple be in another place even if just in my mind for 20 minutes.

Renaissance Pleasure Fair

It has been two years since covid-19 closed the Renfair. However in 2022 the Renfair is back in full force! I have been so depressed for the past few month, having the Renfair to look forward to helped make me feel a bit more normal. I didn't get any photos of my outfit unfortunately because of my depression I worked on making my outfit last minute a wore the only dress I had (I thought) and it was crazy stained. I looked as hot a mess as I felt. But I still had a good time and scored a dope wand and a tasty Mad Hatter Tea.

We Are All Maad Here Tea

Sweet, with rose, raspberry bits, strawberry bits, sweet blackberry leaves and pineapple bits, this custom tea by Mad House Tea is delightful! I did get it at the renfair but you can find there custom tea blends at there website! Had to get a tea defuser and I bought the cutest tea spoon set to have a spring tea party (lol for myself) next month!


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