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Things I'm Loving This August

These last few weeks have been a bit crazy, from the news to my personal life. Each month I create a list of the few things that are helping me get though. Here is what's getting me through this month!

Pumpkin Spice flavored Coffee

Pumpkin spice everything makes life nice. I am that girl who loves pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween décor shopping in August and September. I have to admit I did get a bit giddy when I saw the pumpkin spice flavored coffee. Why yes please.

Positive Vibes Incense

Found at one of my local metaphysical stores. I couldn't decide between reiki incense or the positive vibes. Positive vibes for the win!

The Lonely Island

I am a fan of Andy Sandburg, he reminds me of a young Adam Sandler but for the millennial generation. His band the Lonely Island's albums have been a welcomed humor as things have been rough lately. Listening to any of The Lonely Islands tunes puts a smile on our face even in tough times. I was even inspired by the song Humble from "PopStar" and decorated my grad cap with one of the lyrics!

Small Glass Terrarium

I need to pick up a clothing rack from Ikea the other day and on the way to get the rack I stumbled on this adorable gold bottomed, small glass terrarium. I love the look of this terrarium, it doesn't look like the cheap plastic ones from Target or the 99 cent store.

Not sure yet what I'm going to inside of it yet but I'm excited to explore some ideas on Pinterest or Tik Tok!

Psychic Mystic Mist Candle

I have been cultivating a collection of deviation inspired home décor. Around Halloween time is usually the best time to find such inspired items. I came across this Psychic inspired candle at Ross. The smell is like sweet linen. I love the aesthetic of this candle.


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