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Things I'm loving This Fall

Last month wasn't a good month. I had one good development, My SheinX and Manufactured Gold collaboration dropped. However, other then that it felt more like a month of loss and struggle.

I began to write as I usually do, a what I'm loving this month of September, but it was mainly ways of me trying to deal with my depression and grief. I already have a few posts about that. This is supposed to be an outlet for things that make me happy or at least less depressed with life.

So in an attempt to see the brighter side I'll try again, but with the things I'm loving this fall.

Halloween Shopping

I know, I know, this one is so obviously. However, I have been so depressed lately that even the meegerest Halloween shopping can only help me feel so much better. Retail therapy was my grandmothers and my thing when she was alive. I lost my dad's mom last month and all the loss of the most influential women in my life hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm alone. So, my husband and I went to Spirit (I hate myself for it but its right by our house) and walked around and I picked up a thing or two. I have been picking up a few Halloween things or two from local unfortunately corporates stores (because they have killed small sellers in my town). Hoping one day to have a home of my own to put them in. For now they live in cramped quarters our room and in storage.

Halloween Themed Magazines

I will admit most of this post will consist of Halloween themed things. I love when the Halloween themed Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens come out. Fun decorating, costume diy's, and food and drink ideas. I have a collection, I do love thumbing though them.

Pumpkin Spice Hand Soap in a Pumpkin Bottle

I got this last month from Big Lots. The sent is pleasant pumpkin spice and it adds just the touch of fall I need to get through the rest of the season in a house that is not mine. It small but it makes me smile to use it and think of one day using it in my own home.

Pumpkin Patches

I have always loved pumpkin season and since having a small space to grow pumpkins I loved having my own pumpkin patch. We missed the pumpkin planting season this year but that wont stop me from taking my family to visit a nice pumpkin patch before Halloween.


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