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Things I'm Loving This February

Its already February, the moth of Imbolic and Valentines Day. My February is shaping up to be a busy one with many projects in the works. When times are busy its so important to take time for self-care, and not the corporate kind, but the mindful kind.

This month on my things I'm loving this months list is getting ready for spring and as always finding things that make me feel good in a chaotic world.

Planting Flowers

I do enjoy gardening but since we recently got a dog that has reeked havoc on our backyard we have had to rethink our gardening approach. We moved our planting of things to the front yard (which needs so much work) but its coming along. We have completed the flowers bed and are working on finishing up the vegetable planters for spring veggies! I love planting! Planting flowers and vegetables is a grate way to celebrate Imbolic, welcome spring, become less reliant on major grocery stores and the act of grounding is always grate self-care.

Elf No Budge Shadow Sticks

I love these things and now have them in almost all the available colors. Easy to apply, got lots of compliments when I wore it out yesterday!


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