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Things I'm Loving This February

2023 is trucking along and here we are in February. My little family and I are still on our savings kick so no new things have been bought this month. But I though why not continue the love it list but for other things, activities, savings hacks, and things I have and love but haven't listed yet.

This month is the month of Valentines day and since we are doing things on a budget I have been things of what I can do for my valentines and myself that's on the cheap.

Heart Shaped Cake

I found this idea on Pinterest. Its fairly easy to make and will be a great project for me and my little human to do together. Inexpensive and a way to give him quality time and teach him to bake and decorate a cake with love.

Warm Showers

This one is for self love. Lately I don't exactly have any time to myself. Caring for my 4 month old and my 9 year old little brakes is taxing. These I find the only me time I have is when I'm showering. Unfortunate our water bill has been very costly lately but even though I have to make my showers quicker then I like I still try and enjoy the solitude and the hot water on my back. I consider this little luxury my me time.

NCVI Breast Pump

With the prospect of moving cross country I knew I would have to be in a car for several hours till we reach our destination. I am still breastfeeding and pumping so the need is great for a portable breast pump to keep my sweet little baby a wash in boobie gold. The NCVI had mixed reviews on amazon, I took a chance and got it. Its cute, pink and although the battery life isn't as long as Id like it to be the pump works a bit better then my plug in pump. I now use the plug in pump at night and the portable during the day.


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