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Things I'm Loving This January

Here we are in a new year 2022. Feels weird, there is still a pandemic ranging and economic and social instability and unrest. But here we are, we made it roughly unscathed. As I stare down the new year, as always I there are a few things that seem to help me make it through. This year and month are no different, here is this months love it list!

House Of Gucci By Sara Gay Forden

I had no idea this movie was a book. I may have seen the exhibit at the FIDM museum but I have no plans on seeing the movie. I will however dive head first into the book. Riveting, and absolutely fascinating family history and controversy document and researched by the author. Highly recommend for a grate read.

Gucci Bloom Roll on Perfume

I guess this list is a bit Gucci-centric. I love the Bloom sent by Gucci. Usually full perfume bottles are a bit out of my price rang, but this roll on perfume is perfectly priced and sized!


I do love my Coach products. These slip on mules are so cute and comfy. I got them to wear with cute daily outfits but they just may end up being worn for special occasions. We will see. Check them out on sale on The heals have C's!

The KillStar Treats Cookie Jar

My family and I have decided to stay in the house that me and several of my closest family members inherited. We thought and honestly hoped we would be able to move into our own home, but in SoCal unless your a multi-millionaire the housing market is not meant for you. I grew up in SoCal and honestly don't know where else to go to try and be a fashion designer of means and influence expect NYC and they have the same housing problems if not worse.

So we are staying in my family home and collectively (with my extended family that we live with) collaborating to redecorate and do some slight remolding to the house to make a place we are proud to live in. So to start of I bought a new cookie jar from killstar. My cousin who we share the house with isn't as eclectic, artsy, or frankly goth or punk as my husband and myself, so there is a lot of compromise that will happen. We all agree though that the cookie jar is cute and fits in with the kitchen. I'm excited to start sharing our renovations and decorating in future blogs! (As long as it doesn't trigger my depression!)


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