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Things I'm loving This January

Happy New Year! We are now in 2023, it really seems like these last few years have been flying by. Last year I got pregnant and had my second child and although pregnant it seemed like it wasn't that long before I had my sweet little baby. My husband and I are on the look out for a new home and ready to start a new chapter. This new year will be one of furgal savings, so not to much in the way of purchasing new things as we will be cutting back drastically to save for a down payment when we finally find the house for us.

So this months loving it will be more about how my little family is cutting back and the things we are doing to stay sane in the mean time.

No Eating Out/ More Home Cooked Meals

This one is a no brainer. When your staying to save money, cut back on eating out. Admittedly this one has been a hard one for us since we began making plans to save to move. We cut back on eating out to once or twice a week. We had to make the big push to stop eating out all together. Its a hard one because I do get burnout cooking all week and weekend long, but since I do enjoy cooking most of the time, I decided for my family and a chance to move out it has to be done!

One good way to cut back on food costs is to meal plan your week. Use whatever food you have, even if that means explaining to your picky eater if he want to move he has try to eat what we have available because we can no longer splurge on eating out and special meals as often.

Spending Time With The Kid

When trying to save money, it can be a challenge in finding things to do with the kid that don't involve buying video games or going to places that cost. AT least when it comes to my very spoiled and video game obsessed child. However my kid can be relatively easy if you convince him. MY family is very creative so spending time drawing, baking and advantaging into nature. Plus doing these things help us save money!

Packing and Cleaning Things Out

While waiting out the buying a house process, there is nothing better to get to a house closing faster then to start packing. Takes up time, can be cathartic to pack and organize your belongings as well as get rid of old things that you no long use or need. Some stuff you can sell to make extra cash towards moving costs and or to save for later.


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