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Things I'm Loving This July

Its July, summer time. The weather is hot, the sky is blue and I'm very pregnant. Its been a fun foray into summer of 2022. The overturning of Roe v Wade, the mass shootings, its been a heavy year. As usual I have made a list of the things getting me through this dumpster fire of a year and world.

Large Moon Dream Catcher

I haven't really been a Home Goods Shopper till I started watching Jade the Libra. I cant really watch her videos anymore because of my current living situation. But I have taken some entitative in decorating empty spaces around the house that have been empty for longer then a year. Plus my roommate is oblivious, it will take her months notice anything different in the house. Its kinda become a game. I went to Home Goods awhile back, my husband did not like the store, but I kind of loved it. The already have their Halloween décor out and I couldn't help but splurge a little bit.

Eye Plates

I have been using my roommates plane white plates for over 5 years now. My husband and I have a darker aesthetic, and have been longing for dinnerware that felt more like us. Since we are stuck living here with my roommate for we don't know how many more years. I figure we might as well start finding stuff that we like and want to live with instead of using everything that is my roommates and use to be my grandmothers. Home Goods had it! When I saw on Instagram last week that Home Goods already had their Halloween décor out I was excited to check it out because I was waiting till September to get darker dinnerware for my family to use. I found the nicest eye plates, with gold details, so perfect and so us. Not too Halloween but just dark enough for our tastes.

Moon Solar Light Wind Chime

My husband and I have been working in the back corner of our yard for several months to create a witchy garden getaway for me to retreat to when then tension in the house becomes to heavy. It is turning out very cute. I'm working on that post next. I wanted another wind chime for the comer and found this one on Amazon. It is a solar light as well as a wind chime and I love the ambiance it brings to the space, very calming.


I'm no fine artist like my husband. But some times it feels good to express myself through little art project.


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