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Things I'm Loving This July

Spring Showers have made way for summer flowers. Summer so far in UpState New York is horribly humid, but there is plenty to do to keep cool or distracted from the humid heat. Here is this months love it list!

Super Soft IPA

I do enjoy a good brew during these warm summer days. It is a nice way to wind down after a hectic day with the kiddos.

Kitchen Witch Recipe Cards

I love a good deck of oracle cards. Really any witchery related cards are an awesome addition to my practice. Recently bought this beautiful deck of kitchen witchery cards for a quick and fun bake or meal when in need of a spell binding foody fix.

Cake Stand

HomeGoods has their Halloween stuff out! Very excited for Halloween in July. Its been crazy hot and thinking about the cool of fall and the whimsy of Halloween always puts me in a good mood. This trip to Home Goods I found this wonderful cake stand. Cant wait to make a spooky birthday cake for my husband and get to use this amazing cake stand.


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