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Things I'm Loving This June

Its been a good mix of both sunny and gloomy this June in SoCal. I have for the first time in months been busy working on projects. Feels good but admittedly weird. My belly is getting bigger and bigger by the day, which is exciting and scary.

This June here are a few things getting me by.

Working on a Witchy Garden Space

Well as I have posted a long ranting post about, I live with an extended family member that I cant stand living with. At this point in my life I cant afford to move out so I'm stuck in this situation. I would love nothing more then to live in a space I had creative and cleanly control of and could make a proper home for my family, sadly that is not the current case and I do feel like I'm stuck in my traumatizing triggering past. Which is not mentally healthy for growth. So since our back yard hasn't been worked on in over a couple years, my husband and I took initiative and started to work on creating a space just for me to have a creative outlet to express myself. The garden area is currently a work in progress and I will make a longer more detailed post about it when we finish but for now being able to have a place to plant and decorate with my family in our witchy. eccentric aesthetic is for me a healing process.

Tea Infuser

Last April my little family went to the renfair and got a few specials. One such special was some amazing smelling loose leaf tea. I just didn't have an infuser to use and drinking loose leaf in a cup is good for tessomancy not so good for a enjoyable tea time. I did get this one from Amazon however they are available on and at Diaso.

Fairy Lights

A great way to bring whimsey into a mediocre living space is with fairy lights. I got a pack of six from the 99cent store for about 2.99. Money well spent I put them in several pleasing areas around the house. You don't even notice them when they are off, when they are turned on it is a lovely whimsical addition to any living space.


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