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Things I'm Loving This March

This time last year, the world came to screeching halt. Now it feels like it might finally be starting to shift back to a relative "normalcy". I took a break from posting and I feel in that short amount of time lots has changed about me. Some of the items on this is months list will reflect the changes I've been making this year.

Cauldron Mug By KillStar

I do love me some KillStar lifestyle swag. I got the tea cup and saucer last year, love it. For my birthday this month I treated myself to a fancy cauldron coffee mug.

Kikoko Cannabis Infused Herbal Tea

I do enjoy a calming cannabis beverage, generally sparkling water. This month I am feeling these Kikoko cannabis teas, as a reward for getting through the mornings unscathed.

The Gryffindor Courage Journal

This past year has been hard for everyone, me included. I have been trying to new ways to stay positive. I found this gem at Barnes and Noble and it is perfect for end of day journaling of the days triumphs no matter how little.

I Am Everything Daily Affirmation Cards

These cards came as a birthday gift this year. I am grateful for the person who gave them to me and for the current purpose they serve in my morning routine. I use them with a few other oracle cards and journaling to help me keep balanced.

Kawaii Disinfectant Wipes

Why? Because who doesn't need a cute version of even the most mundane things to cheers us up in an ever changing world!


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