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Things I'm Loving This March

It is official, my husband and I own our first home! I'm in disbelief, we have come so far! No more roommate! Finally a home my husband and I can make into our version of our ideal happy place. Unfortunately we arrived to the house before our belongings did and are living on inflatable mattresses and camping chairs. But we are happy. We did have to get a few things to get us by till our things arrive so here is a list of some of those things!

Fleece Lined Tights

We decided to move from the west coast to the east coast and it is much colder here then back in SoCal. I had been seeing these fleece lined tights all over tick tok so I admit I jumped on the band wagon. I'm so glad I did though! They have been a life saver! I got a pair in black and in gray!

Baby Einstein Walker

Not having much for the baby in the house is definitely a challenge, so we had to get a few things to make it easier on my husband and myself. This walker is perfect, our baby is 6 months and although the walker is for bigger babies this has worked wonders for freeing our hands a bit.

Coach Rain Booties

We drove cross country to New England and drove right into snow storms. I'm so glad I brought my Coach rain booties along for the drive, it made the transition from warm weather to the cold much easier and in style!


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