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Things I'm Loving This May

The last few months my husband and I have been decorating, crafting and getting to know our new city. There are some fun events coming up this month in up state New York and my little family are looking forward to some new adventures. In the mean time while we are planning outfits for comic con, and crafting in hopes of being accepted into some craft shows here is Mays love it list.

Earring Crafting Kit

Lately I have been interested in making earrings. I usually make earrings when I make a dress and need jewelry that I simply cant find for a photo shoot. My husband and I have been talking about other ways to bring in some extra income so I figured why not turn this hobby into a business. more on that later!

Death Water

I love this stuff. Sparkling water that fits my aesthetic and has flavors.

Home and Garden Steam Punk clock

This one was sadly found at Walmart. However my husband could resist getting it as it does fit in with our aesthetic which admittedly is kind all over the place but it works for us!

Handmade Bath Bombs

Back in the day I use to make cannabis bath bombs. I haven't made a cannabis bath bomb in ages however. That of course doesn't mean I don't still enjoy a nice fizzy bath every once and a while. And when I finally have time to I will with hand made bath bomb by The little Norwegian Candle Company.


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