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Things I'm Loving This November

Its getting cooler out, some days anyways, and its pretty much the holidays. Its crazy to think how fast and chaotic 2021 came and is now getting ready to leave. I'm still figuring out holiday plans and getting the holiday shopping done all the while trying to enjoy the little things in life. Which with the news, the ongoing endemic and life in general can be difficult some days.

However this month I have compiled a list of the little joys I've found this month to share.

Swiss Miss with Lucky Charms Marshmallows

I do enjoy sitting by the fire with a nice hot beverage on autumn nights during a nice rain shower. That doesn't happen very often in SoCal, but I can still enjoy a little coco drink with Lucky charms mellows. Yum with a little hand whipped whipping cream!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Deck

I love tarot, I love oracle cards. I have amassed quite a few oracle decks, and now I have a small collection of tarot decks. My husband bought me The Nightmare deck as a Christmas present, but we both have a hard time keeping secrets from each other so he gave it to me the day it came in the mail!

I love this deck. The cards have a great weight to them, not flimsy at all. The images are delightful. Overall I recommend this deck to any die hards of Nightmare or tarot.

The Illuminaughtii

I have fallen into a rabbit whole watching the Illuminaughtii's YouTube videos. Witty and well researched stories on MLM's, corporations to reconsider supporting and other informative and well researched content. She lists her sources and is generally unbiased about whatever issues, people, groups, or companies she talks about, giving credit where it is due. If you got some time to kill, why not binge some Illuminaughtii!

The Birdcage Lamp and Table

The light in my studio space stopped working. It didn't need a new bulb and it wasn't the braker. For about five months I haven't had a working overhead light, so no late night staying up to sew. After I started doing freelance work, I thought it best to get a floor lamp for my studio space, so I could work as late as I'd like. My husband found this birdcage floor lamp on Wayfair and I fell in love!

The lamp looks so good in my fairytale studio space. I clipped some sparkly bats on it for Halloween, but I love how it looks I might keep it year round. Next haunting season I will put black birds in and round it! Lots of cute ideas for spooky decor!

Flaunt Magazine

I love me a good fashion magazine. The lavish editorials, the exquisite fashions, inspiration for days. I'm feeling Flaunts latest issue.


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