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Things I'm Loving This "Winter"

Winter is here and its not like winters of the past, these days winter isn't as cold as it once was. However that doesn't stop me from loving things related to the cooler winter season. I have compiled a list of the things I'm loving this winter season.


I love to make soup during the cold months. I have gotten pretty good at whipping up a yummy soup from scratch. I grew up in a restaurant and all though I refuse to work in the food indutrsy, I really enjoy cooking! Making soups during the winter season is always comforting. This year I have been making a butternut squash soup, pea soup, broccoli and cheese and I'm planning on making a spinach soup when my family is feeling up to it!

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Hand Cream

Thanks to the pandemic I feel like I wash my hand compulsively. Therefor my hand are often very dry and kinda hurt. I found the cutest and yummiest smelling Creme Studio and Hello Kitty hand cream at Miniso a store that reminds me of a slightly higher priced Diaso. I highly recommend the hand cream, a perfect stocking stuffer for the Hello Kitty lover in your life!

Moonology Manifestation Oracle Deck

Last month I got a new tarot deck, The nightmare before Christmas tarot. Shortly after that I received my new moonology manifestation oracle deck from sadly amazon. Despite that, the deck is beautiful, sturdy and has wonderfully peaceful images. A must for those who answer the call to the moon!

Coach Belt

The cute slim Coach belt is one of my favorites right now. I love this belt so cute and works with my most black outfits and adds just the right amount of color!


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