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Witchy Garden Corner Project

I have not been shy about my living situation struggles. Things with my roommate are not good and the tension in the house is causing problems. My husband and I decided to work on a corner of the back yard to create a space for me to retreat to when I need some peace and quite.

The back yard hasn't been worked on for a few years so we figured better now then never. There is one corner of the backyard where our dog has jumped the fence a couple of time, we though why not fence off the corner and turn it into a witch garden. It has come a long way. We have had to flatten out the corner section and put some stones to create a step.

After cleaning up, weeding, and flatting the corner we dismantled a planter box to use the space in front of the sunroom as a garden bed. We put what use to be a shelf next to the fort my husband made for my kid to be used as a planter box. My husband found a rotating compost bin to replace the compost box we use, takes up less space and is much cleaner. My husband found a metal gazebo on Amazon and set it up in the open space to create a place to sit and eat or have tea. For the garden area my husband built a lovely fence to keep the dog out and brake up the space.

After setting up the gazebo, we got to do the fun part and start to pick out flowers and plant some veggies. My kid and I worked on a fairy garden and I set up an alter that is still a work in progress. I put some gnomes around the garden and strong lights around the gazebo, created a watering can pouring fairly lights.

The space really comes to life after dark.


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