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Witchy Gift Ideas

This year I swear more and more of the people in my life are switching to the witchy way of thinking. Its fabulous. So I have compiled a list of some of the more reasonably priced witchy gifts any new or seasoned witch would love to receive.

Harry Potter Inspired

If you live near a Five Below you can find the unofficial Harry Potter book of spells and activities book for 5 dollars. This is a good deal since I found the same spell book at Target for 15 dollars. If you live near a Barnes and Nobel you can pick up everything Harry Potter imaginable but for those who love oracle cards like myself I suggest picking up these Harry Potter magical meditation cards. So pretty and great for those doing some serious shadow work.

Witchy Books

A Five Below opened up in the richy part of town, imagine that, but I gotta say I kinda love this store. They have some really great witchy books for sale at just five dollars a pop some of these same books for over 20 bucks any were else. Perfect for beginner or seasoned witches alike.

Spell Craft Essentials

You can buy incense in bulk on and I love the idea of creating cute witchy gift bags for friends and family. This year I saw on tiktok a cute cinnamon broom that someone had customized and love this idea of customizing a alter broom. You can get them at the dollar store and order cute witchy trinkets on amazon or find them at our local craft store. Add some crystals and some candles and this makes the perfect present for witchies.


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