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Xmas Gifts for Any Aesthetic

Xmas is right around the corner. With supply chain issues happening allover the country its the perfect time to be supporting local crafters and/or creating personalized gifts. I'm still creating and finding perfect gifts for my family and friends. I have found it easier to buy and make presents for them baste on their personal aesthetic. In my family there is almost every aesthetic so I thought I'd share my finds and recommendations.


If you're shopping for gothy or witchy friends and family I recommend these finds: Oracle cards are fun and come in every iteration for every aesthetic you can imagine with inspiring and comforting messages. Gardening kits, even if they live in an apartment these are nice gifts, pair it with a cute small planter and this gift will go over well. Candles, I love a great smelling or pretty candle.


There are some folks in my family who subscribe to the rockabilly-psychobilly-punk aesthetic. For that person I will be creating this coat. For those who like to craft or sew, these types of presents I think are always a hit.


For the more outdoorsy folks I recommend these: Out door and nature-centric oracle cards. I love to gift oracle cards they are so cool and found on etsy. Dog travel feeder kit, for the folks who love to camp or hike with their favorite pooch, this gift is a two for one.


Who doesn't have a fandom they love. In my family we have a lot of fandoms. It makes shopping for gifts a lot easier, here are my recommendations: Socks, cliché' yes, but if they are the right kind of fandom I guarantee they will be a winning gift. Anything in fandom them, we now live in age when anything utilitarian can be branded in a fandom, I swear these are the winning the gifts for kids and teens a like.


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